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As the current US Presidential election season (which has had moments of being anything but “Presidential”) continues, my Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of blurbs and articles championing candidates or deriding strangers.  This post, and, will not endorse a specific candidate.  Me personally: sure, but not here.  I try very hard to refrain from pushing political views on these sites, as they are not why the sites exist.  Sometimes, such as with several laws passed or pushed in Arizona over the last few years, this has been very difficult.

This post is not about telling you that Candidate A will save you/us/them while Candidate B is nothing more than a fraud/liar/politician (insert joke here).  This post is about general positions that supports, and why you should consider them when choosing a candidate, for any office.

As always, the views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily the views or opinions of companies or individuals who use, nor those who advertise on The use of or advertising on does not constitute an endorsement of any view or opinion expressed here.


  • The marginalization of the few will not help the many.

Really, this is the core of all our other positions.  Vilifying an amorphously defined “them” as the basis of any campaign or cause does nothing but create an “enemy” that did not previously exist.  Candidates who will quickly rattle off a list of “them” to be worried about tend to also blame a “them” for the candidate’s own problems.


  • Rights are for everyone, not just those who are just like you.

Making it harder for a certain group to do X, for reasons unrelated to X, only makes everything harder.  Costs, time, and frustration all increase, with little to no benefit to anyone.


  • Government is a service, not a business.

Pretending it can be run just like a business abandons the core purpose of government, which is to serve the citizenry that created it (See the current water crisis in Flint, MI as one of the more egregious examples of this).  The only “profit” from a well functioning government is a safe, healthy, and well functioning citizenry.  The privatization of things in the public trust (such as water, roads, schools, law enforcement) only sets up the enrichment of a handful of people at the expense of the many.  The purpose of serving the public is replaced with making a profit.

This is not in any way saying that private business is bad.  This is saying that the government should not be directly attempting to create or enrich a handful of private companies to do the same thing that the government was previously doing, because there is no added benefit to anyone other than the owners of the company.  Private business should create new, not take over existing.  No jobs are created by privatization of the public trust: they are simply moved, because the work still needs to be done.  Taxes are not reduced, because the work still needs to be paid for.

There are some things that should not be beholden to financial profit.


And the one thing that is specifically related to this site:

  • Removing the right of employees to form or join a union is akin to removing the right to legal representation.

While I personally am part of a union (and quite happy to be so), I and take no position as to whether or not you should be in a union.  That is your decision.  Our position is that you should not have the right to make that decision taken away from you.

If I can designate an agent or lawyer to represent me individually, why can’t a group of people designate the same to represent them?  If a company can take their resources to hire lawyers, why can’t a group of employees do the same?  Removing the rights of one group only benefits the other group: not the whole, or even the majority.  Both groups having the same rights is fair to everyone.  In the end, they both have to agree to the contract.


That’s it.  Wasn’t even very long.  Any specific issues still end up right back with the first one: “The marginalization of the few will not help the many.

And now, we return you to your candidates on the campaign trail…


Seriously though, folks: please get out there and vote.


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