A long two months

You may have noticed a lack of posts here, as well as a reduction in tweets, and a long time in responding to emails.  Well, to paraphrase the old joke: Tech is a hell of a drug.

Lots of tech meant lots of work, which meant little time to deal with this.

Nothing like starting off with a flooded PAR56 Striplight:

Followed by broken movers:


And broken movers:


And more broken movers:


I finally brought in an assistant…


Anyway, I’ll be trying to catch up on backlogged emails and updates this week.  I’m hoping to introduce a way for companies to have a quick-link to all their current listings if they so desire, and allow some additional ad space for companies to promote their services.  These two projects are a result of multiple requests by multiple theatres and companies.

I also hope to have a solution to a problem that a small but steady set of users seem to have with our log-in system.  If correct, it will add to our monthly costs to operate the site, but should fix this problem while securing the site from other potential problems.  As always, we will eat these costs, and the OffStageJobs.com family of sites will remain free of charge to all users to post and view.


And, as always, thank you for using OffStageJobs.com.


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