Welcome to TopOfShow.com!

I know, I know.  We change our name from BackstageJobs.com to OffStageJobs.com, we change our email addresses as well, not to mention our Twitter account, and NOW we’re giving you another site to remember?!  Well… Yes.

Our old blog, Cue to Cue: Living Behind the Scenes (and lets not forget it went through some domain changes as well), wasn’t installed completely correctly.  Now, 5 years and 600+ posts later, it is hard to manage and nearly impossible to upgrade.  So, we’ll no longer be posting to it.  We’re going to leave it active, because 600+ posts of information and history are in there, but all new blog and news posts will be going here, at Top of Show.

Even better, this blog gets its own domain name: TopOfShow.com.  No more subdomains off OffStageJobs.com or TheContactSheets.com.  We’re all part of the same OffStageJobs.com family, but now the blog has an identity of its own.

With the addition of this site, and the eventual settling down of the name change over at OffStageJobs.com, we hope to return to bringing you stagecraft news, views, and things that amuse. And of course, we will do this with the same professionalism you have come to expect from us.

Thank you, and welcome.




Patrick Hudson


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